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About Us

We are experts in calibration service and supply of industrial and commercial weighing equipment. We bring accuracy to your weighing processes and efficiency to your business.
Sensortronic Scales is a unique organisation. In a commercial world where mediocrity is the norm, we are one of those rare organisations with a steadfast commitment to customer service.

Sensortronic Group has been in the weighing industry for over 25 years and is one of the largest locally owned weighing companies in New Zealand. Sensortronic currently employs 40+ operational staff and has four staff dedicated to the continual, ongoing research and development of its offerings. Staff are distributed through regional offices in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch. In addition to this, Sensortronic has 5 fully-trained service agents located around New Zealand working with clients in each region.
Brief History
Our founding and current Managing Director, Wayne Bradcock has over 40 years experience in the weighing industry. He started our original company in Hamilton under the name Waikato Scale Company in 1981. Always putting the customer first and committed to innovation and excellence to the entire New Zealand market, the name change to Sensortronic Scales was initiated in 1983. Over the following years, through partnerships and attracting expert personnel, Sensortronic Scales has grown into one of New Zealand’s premier weighing companies with branches in Northland, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch and employing over 40 qualified staff.
Bright Future
Sensortronic Scales believes in the future, investing in technology and people, while still holding onto the values of traditional business relationships.
While constantly sourcing the latest technology, Sensortronic Scales has developed strong international business relationships with the likes of CAS Corporation of Korea and Accuweigh (Salter Holdings) of Australia. This has enabled Sensortronic Scales to support a wide variety of weighing associated products, utilising our technological expertise. This will ensure that Sensortronic Scales remains the leader in new IT/Product developments in the metrology industry.

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