Sensortronic Scales is proud to support Shane Davis, stockcar challenge!

Sensortronic Scales has been the main sponsor for Shane Davis & the Sensortronic Scales 7w Car for the past couple of years. We have enjoyed watching Shane race around the track (minus the odd case of whip-lash), and share in his passion for speed. We highly recommend a night out at the races with friends and family! Best of luck for 2010 ....Go Shane! GO!!!!
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Name: Shane Davis
Age: 33
Home Track: Wellington speedway

07/08 Runner up Wellington stockcar challenge, 3rd Wellington March Special, Runner up most improved driver of the year - Wellington speedway
08/09 2nd Hawkes Bay Classic, Runner up best presented car - Wellington speedway

Sensortronic Scales 7w Stockcar
Season 1st Top 5 Top 10 No. of Races
2007/2008 1 (3%) 11 (32%) 21 (62%) 34
2008/2009 5 (12%) 19 (46%) 31 (76%) 41

The story
Having spectated in speedway for a few years and helping build Brian Musgroves 11w car. Shane went overseas for a while and when he came back helped out a friend who had just started in stockcars. After a peddle in his car he decided he would love to be a part of it, so with one of his best mates (Daniel Watkins) went on a shopping mission to purchase a competitive car without killing the finances. After a six month search spanning north and south islands the right car was found on his doorstep in Wellington under the ownership of the former 1nz Modified driver Tama Arapere. A deal was struck and they managed a couple of races late in the 2006/2007 season. Sensortronic_Scales_Stockcar.jpg

The car was transformed during the off season thanks to a team of great people and really supportive sponsors and the team hit the 2007/2008 season with a heap of enthusiasm. The season went well and the drivers learnt a heck of a lot. Visiting the New Zealand champs in Stratford with 180 cars present was probably the highlight - it was a real eye opener for a complete rookie. Shane got to hold the chequered flag for the first time towards the end of the season and the crew said they heard him yelling from the bank on his way round the track with it!

The car was dismantled, repaired, replaced what was necessary and tidied during the off season leading into the 2008/2009 season. This was the inaugural year of Sensortronics involvement and it was great to have a principal sponsor on board. It helped the team completely overhaul the suspension on the car, and made it possible to travel to the North Island champs in Napier. The season went very well. The team thought they'd learnt a lot in the first year but in reflection the 2008/2009 season was just a massive learning experience. A special thanks needs to go to Brian Musgrove for his tireless determination in mentoring Shane through the way he needs to do things. There's still a heck of a lot to learn but Brian has really helped Shane begin to learn the art of stockcar racing. A couple of great results came through (lets not mention the result at the New Zealand Champs!) and the team were happy with the season.

Daniel and Shane decided to put the car up for sale at the end of the season as a result of their personal situations changing. Daniel and his Partner Tash had just had a baby and were planning their wedding and Shane's wife Kim was due with their third baby - it was all hands to the pump for both of them! The car sold to a young chap entering the stockcar ranks - it was a really tough day for the team seeing it head down the road on someone else's trailer, you really pour your heart and soul into making something the best you can. Sam will have a great ride as it remains a really competitive car and with his big brother Jason pushing him along he's got a skilled driver to learn off.

Shane was approached by Nathan Heyburn to drive the Heyburn built TMAC 21w car at the final 28/09 Palmerston North meeting and leapt at the chance to drive such an awesome machine. Unfortunately the meeting didn't end well with a piston vacating the engine but the little bit of driving he got in the car had an impact.

Sensortronics and team 7w have again partnered up to be racing this coming season. Shane Davis and Nathan Heyburn will be sharing the ride of the 21w Heyburn built TMAC car with a busy season planned. Shane will be driving the car at the north island held championship meetings while Nathan's dead keen to use the car for a South Island tour towards the end of the season - as he has for the last two years.

It's fantastic to have Nathan's and Shane's existing sponsors come on board to help the amalgamated teams to get into the season and the team are really looking forward to another of steep learning curves and hopefully good results.

The small but dedicated team has been flat out over the off season preparing the car. Jeremy, Aaron and Daniel have been going over the car learning the different world of Tri Rails and are now well versed in the repair stakes when the situation requires it.

New Car Graphics from Slot Media
Thanks to the talented team at Slot Media, the new Sensortronic Scales 7w Stock Car is looking pretty hot!!! This beautifully presented Mac chassis rolled out of the slot work shop and onto the track to start what should be a very successful season!

Latest Update from Shane - Grand Prix Jan 2010
January 8th and 9th the New Zealand Grand Prix was held in Palmerston North and as we'd only had one meeting in the car as a result of rain outs we decided to head to the Ohakea track the day before to have a play. The new fully enclosed trailer was almost finished so we loaded it up for the first time. Having all our spares on board is fantastic, the built in BBQ is a bonus that's already been a hit. Around 100 laps or so later and as darkness fell we felt ready for the two night assault on Palmerston North.

Qualifying night saw 110 cars entered, we needed to be in the top 6 in our group to go through to the finals. Heat 1 off grid 1 came home 3rd, made some changes to the cars handling and headed out for heat 2 off grid 12 coming home in 3rd again. Heat 3 and we were up on points and just needed to finish in the top 15 to qualify but with a back grid was going to still be tough. Green flag dropped and the carnage started to unfold with cars going everywhere. Made it up to around 8th before being neatly slotted in the wall with a long line of traffic going past, losing about 9 positions before reversing out and coming home in 14th - resulting in just enough points to qualify.

Finals night rolled round and we didn’t have much to repair. 1st race grid 17 got 8th. Race 2, Grid 2 came home in 4th. The third and final heat saw us running 5th on points so a chance to really go for it. Another high attrition rate in the race saw only 12 cars finishing from 26 starters as cars were getting taken out. Off grid 27 we came home in 5th place seeing us 3rd equal on points with 3pnz Peter Rees and 5p Brett Hyslop requiring a run off with the three of us to decide it.

Out we went, 7w was on Grid 2. Green lights and 5p took off. 3pnz slowed and blocked so we couldn't get past, even with persistent tries at spinning him. 5p came up to lap us and we took a dive at him far too late and missed - 3pnz did the same but managed a direct hit spinning both cars. We gave 5p a tap on the way past and motored home, however never managed to unlap ourselves. 5p 3rd overall, 7w 4th, 3pnz 5th. Well done to 67w Kane Hargreaves 1st, and 15p Rob Miers 2nd.

Celebrations followed and in the wee hours of the morning it was decided (or forced) to head to Wanganui to race for the Charlie Bernstein trophy. After a few hours sleep the team headed to Wanganui for the 2 o'clock Sunday start and launched into it.

Charlie Bernstein Trophy, Wanganui - January 10th

Heat 1 got 3rd, heat 2 got 8th and received some decent hits. Heat 3 and right off the start line I got hammered in the first corner and ended up planted in the wall. Got going again and came home 6th resulting in us being tied on 3rd equal points with 46v Alan Levein requiring another run off. Never been in a run off before and now was in two in two days!

Green flag dropped and we managed to get the jump on 46v and hold it till the finish taking 3rd overall. Congratulations to Sandy Flett 1st and Chris Flett 2nd. Four days of racing in a row combined with the celebrations on Saturday night left the team very quiet for the trip home Sunday night!

North Island Stockcar Champs, Stratford - January 22 and 23

We made a couple of suspension changes and headed to Stratford first thing Friday morning. The car flew through scrutineering and we were into qualifying. With 140 cars entered we again needed to be in the top 6 in our group to qualify. It was drizzling all night making for an interesting track surface. Race one came home 6th, Race two off grid 21 was running 7th before being spun on the second to last lap making it home in 13th. Race 3 off grid 26 came home in 7th seeing us in 7th place overall in our group missing out by four points on qualifying for the North Island finals. Doh!

The finals were raced on Sunday due to Saturday being rained out. We were in the 'King of the mountain' championship - the second 30 group of cars that didn't qualify. First lap off grid 30 managed to get past a few cars in the first corner but in the second tangled with a couple of cars putting one up the wall and spinning another unfortunately locking us between the two, and wrecking the bonnet. Red lights on and race over for 7w. Race two grid 15 came 3rd, and race 3 grid 1 came 2nd. Was very happy with the pace the car showed on a tricky, bumpy track. Came 8th = overall with good mate 64v Aaron Musgrove which was a good result for both of us. Aaron as it was only his third meeting ever driving a stockcar and 7w as we dnf'd the first race.

Congrats to Rob Mason 34p 1st, Mark Woods 517s 2nd and Carl Vanderwiel 622w 3rd.

Six nights in the car in three weeks has been fantastic and tiring!

We've got a few repairs to take care of before our next home meeting on 13 February and then we're into the big one, the New Zealand Stockcar champs in Wanganui on 19 and 20 February. It's a notoriously tight track which should make for a great spectacle.

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