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Custom Weighbridge Systems  

Sensortronic Weighbridge Above Ground - South AucklandWeighbridge Systems are available in a variety of set-ups.
This is why Sensortronic Scales offer Custom ‘Turn Key’ Packaged Solutions from design, installation & certification. Packages are customised to the required length, width & capacity. Weighbridges can be installed either "above ground" with a lead-up ramp, or "semi-pit" or with "in-ground" foundations which allow the deck`s weighing surface to be at ground level. 
The Weighbridge decks can either be built from steel or concrete and are by nature extremely robust. Upgrade kits are also available to retrofit existing scales with advanced weighing technology, such as WBK load cells, network-integrated terminals, and customisable software.
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Weighbridge Software & Hardware Options

Truck Weight readings are typically recorded in a nearby office or control room. All Weighbridges are linked to a PC which uses Weighbridge Management Software capable of printing tickets and providing advanced reporting features. 
Sensortronic Weighbridge Management Software-01Sensortronic's WMS (Weighbridge Management System) & Sensortronic's RTS (Refuse Transfer System) software provide accurate transaction recording of customers, vehicles, product weights, time & date and other particulars required by your operation. With the ability to export required transaction data to your invoicing systems (integrates with most accounting packages).
Additional features such as Remote Sync allows other selected PC's to receive tailored information from a main PC, while the WB Internet App (web server) provides remote access to live information and down loadable reports. You also have the ability to schedule tailored Email Reports to be sent to the appropriate people on time every time. 
For busy Multi-site Weigh-bridge operations, the options for Dual Computer setup, large figure Remote Display, unmanned Driver Interface incorporating Touch Screen, proximity card or Dallas ID tag identification systems are also available.

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Weighbridge Load Cells & Indicators

All Weighbridges feature stainless steel waterproof WBK load cells. These Load Cells have proven to be highly accurate and reliable. Depending on design, load cells are easily and safely accessed through inspection hatches making future inspection and maintenance a breeze. Sensortronic's weight indicators are easy-to-use with ongoing support and training just a phone call away. 

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Weighbridge Calibration & Certification

Accurate truck weighing is an integral component of a company’s throughput & profit stream. Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day, and those that weigh hundreds, both need the most accurate and reliable weighing system to ensure that business is both efficient and profitable. With AP certified personnel and a dedicated Weighbridge testing team, Sensortronic offers ongoing Service, Repairs, Calibration & Trade Certification. 

Sensortronic Weighbridge Calibration Testing

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Weighbridge & Software Package supplied to Weighing & Measuring Solutions Ltd

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