Dual Deck Weighbridges

Using two Weighbridge Decks end to end will allow large Truck 'n' Trailers to be weighed in a single weighbridge transaction. Weighbridges with dual decks can be configured in a variety of ways and customised to meet the clients needs.

Sensortronic Scales Dual Deck WeighbridgeThe most common configuration used here in New Zealand incorporates a dual deck weighbridge with each deck connected to its own digital weight indicator, we recommend the IT1000 Weighing Terminal. This weighbridge configuration displays the weight on each individual weighbridge deck separately. A digital summing indicator or weighbridge management software is then used to display the total combined weight of both weighbridge decks.

An alternative configuration that only requires one indicator is available also. With the IT8000 Weighing Terminal both weighbridge decks can be connected to this single indicator while still providing individual deck weights. Simply select the weight of deck "A", deck "B" or the "Total" of both decks. 

Dual Deck Advantage

The advantages of using a dual deck weighbridge is that axle group weights can be acquired for large and shorter Truck 'n' Trailer combinations without requiring extended weighbridge approaches. Displaying the individual axle group weights is ideal for situations where trucks are carrying different products in each trailer, sometimes referred to as "Split-Weighing". The ability to display the individual axle group weights should greatly diminish instances of truck overloading.

Dual deck weighbridge designs (also called twin deck weighbridges) are available as "above ground" weighbridges, "in-ground" weighbridges or "semi-pit" weighbridges.

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