Relocatable Weighbridges

Sonsortronic Portable Relocatable Weighbridge CAS Ezy Lodec(copy)Sensortronic Scales' Relocatable Ezy Lodec Weighbridges are designed with a modular system ​which enables easy and fast installation without compromising accuracy or reliability.

The Ezy Lodec's fully galvanised steel structure provides protection from rust and corrosion, reducing maintenance costs. With a low profile, these modular weighbridges are suitable for both above ground and in-ground installation, with the ability of being easily relocated at a later stage and installed with minimum concrete foundations, saving both time and money. 
Because the Ezy Lodec Weighbridges are available in segments, this enabling us to adjust the weighbridge's capacity and length from 6 to 24 meters.
Ezy Lodec Weighbridge: In-Ground Installation NZ Ezy Lodec Weighbridge: Above Ground Installation NZ
Installed within a pit to provide a smooth
surface finish, requires less land space.
Above Ground
Easily installed above ground on any flat
surface with minimum concrete foundations.

Galvanised Structure

By galvanising the whole structure, this ensures that all areas whether easily accessible or not are protected by preventing rust and corrosion. The galvanised coating is metallurgically bonded to the steel structure, preventing shrinkage or cracks appearing and provides superior resistance to abrasions and water. Galvanising has proven to be cost effective in the long term as it needs less maintenance.

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Weighbridge Video

Relocating an Auckland client's existing Weighbridge to a new location, from excavation to testing & legal for Trade Certification to re-opening within 9 DAYS!! 
New concrete foundations for the In-Ground weighbridge was carried out and CAS WBK Weighbridge Load Cells used. This bridge is 60ton x 20kg, 21m x 3m and is a "Manned" Weighbridge. Rinstrum Indicator was used with Weighbridge Software.


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