Single Deck Weighbridges

Single Deck Weighbridge NZSensortronic Scales' single deck weighbridges are available in either concrete deck or metal deck builds, with concrete deck weighbridges being the most robust and more commonly used weighbridge type. Single deck weighbridges are usually 6 - 24 metres long and fitted with 6 - 12 WBK weighbridge load cells as this spec provides the most cost effective combination of material costs for the load cells, steel beams, reinforcement and concrete used in the weighbridge construction.

Weighbridges using a single deck are best suited for weighing short trucks up to standard semi-trailers - any vehicle that can fit entirely on the weighbridge deck. It is possible to use "split weighing" to weigh trucks that are longer than the weighbridge by weighing the truck/trailer in two halves, then combining both weight readings.

The accuracy of split weighing is largely dependant on the weighbridge approaches which need to be completely level and in the same plane as the weighbridge deck for the entire length of the truck/trailer that overhangs the weighbridge during weighing. The additional costs of the extended approaches can add considerably to the cost of installing a single deck weighbridge if longer truck/trailers also need to be weighed.

As a weighbridge's life span is usually in the 20-30 years bracket, the better long term solution may be to install a dual deck weighbridge which easily accommodates small to medium vehicles that may need to be weighed now, but to also allow for even longer vehicles that may become more frequent in the future.

Single deck weighbridge designs are available as "above ground" weighbridges, "in-ground" weighbridges or "semi-pit" weighbridges.

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