Split Weighing

Split Weighing is an established method of weighing a truck and trailer separately, and is often used when carrying different product in the truck from what is in the trailer. Split Weighing can be achieved either on a Single Deck Weighbridge or a Dual Deck Weighbridge. Regardless of whether you intend to use a Single or Dual Deck configuration, the concept of Split Weighing is still the same. But it is important to note that the accuracy of Split Weighing is largely dependant on the weighbridge approaches. These need to be completely level and in the same plane as the weighbridge deck for the entire length of the truck or trailer that overhangs the weighbridge during weighing. If the weighbridge approaches are not level with the weighbridge deck you run the risk of weight transference (i.e shift in the centre of gravity) and the weight reading becomes inaccurate.

Split Weighing - Single Deck Weighbridge

Sensortronic In-Ground Single Deck WeighbridgeA standard Single Deck Weighbridge can be anywhere from 6 - 24 meters in length. Split Weighing with a 24 meter Single Deck Weighbridge is not necessary, as they are usually long enough to weigh both a truck and trailer in a single weigh giving only the total weight.
But with smaller 6 - 12 meter weighbridges, bigger trucks and trailers are weighed in two parts. Firstly the truck will approach the deck, once in position, with the truck on the deck and the trailer resting on the weighbridge approach, the first weight can be recorded.
Then the truck continues forward until only the trailer is positioned on the deck. With the truck now resting on the weighbridge approach, the weight of the trailer can be recorded. The sum of the two recorded weights will give the total weight of the vehicle. 

The additional costs of the extended approaches can add considerably to the cost of installing a single deck weighbridge if longer truck 'n' trailers also need to be weighed.

Split Weighing - Dual Deck Weighbridge

The great advantage of Split Weighing on a Dual Deck Weighbridge is that you don't require extended approaches, as both the truck and trailer are resting on the individual decks at the same time. Recording both truck and tailer weights at the same time is more efficient and accurate. 

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