Weighbridge Foundations for Installation

When considering to purchase a Weighbridge System, firstly you need to consider what type of Weighbridge Foundations will be most suited to your site's location.
Here size does matter, as each Weighbridge Foundation type requires a different amount of clearance space. Don't forget to take into consideration weather patterns, as bridges installed in wetter environments may require a drainage system. Also consider Load Cell accessibility as this can determine the speed and efficiency of future maintenance & repairs. Below are examples of the three most commonly used foundations.

“Above Ground” Weighbridges

Sensortronic-above-ground-weighbridgeAbove Ground Weighbridges typically have the weighbridge deck, ramps and load cells above ground level.

  • Least expensive option.
  • Least site preparation required before construction.
  • Most common type of weighbridge supplied & installed.
  • Easy to clean and inspect.
  • Requires minimal drainage or in most cases not required at all.

  • Requires the largest site footprint of all the options – Having 5m long Ramps at either end, or in some cases even longer ramps if the ground slopes away from the weighbridge.

Semi-Pit & Custom Semi-Pit Type

sensortronic-semi-pit-weighbridgeSemi-Pit Weighbridges, also termed Ground Level Exposed Beams Weigh-bridges are constructed partially in the ground, allowing the deck`s weighing surface to be at ground level. In some cases there may be extreme space restrictions not allowing the minimum 1m clearance for side access to the load cells as required by rules & regulations – in these cases prior exemption must be sort to allow for weighbridge deck access covers to be installed above each load cell point.

  • Ideal for sites with extreme space restrictions.
  • Smaller site footprint than the Above Ground type, No ramps required.

  • Expensive option due to more excavation work required.
  • Most preparation required before construction.
  • Requires drainage considerations.

Fully In-Ground Type

sensortronic-fully-inground-weighbridgeFully In-Ground Weighbridges have the Weigh-bridge deck at ground level with the foundations and load cells mounted in a pit. Due to the extensive civil excavation work & additional concrete, Fully In-ground Weigh-bridges are the most expensive of the Weighbridge types.

These claim relatively little site area, other than the area of the deck and the level approaches. Trucks are usually able to turn off immediately upon leaving the Weigh-bridge deck. However, the foundations include raised kerbing along both sides of the weighbridge deck to ensure the vehicle to be weighed can only enter and leave along the Weigh-bridge axis and over the entry and departure pads.

Having an access hatch(s) for servicing and cleaning, the weighbridge pit is classed as a restricted space and may require permits, stand-by personnel and air quality checks before anyone is allowed below, which can substantially increase future servicing costs. They also require extensive drainage, usually in the form of an automatic submersible pump.

These Fully In-ground Weighbridges are ideal for sites that are restricted for usable area.
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