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Service and Calibration

Sensortronic Scales’ expertly trained service teams operate from our branches in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, providing professional nationwide coverage. Our dedicated technicians will install and train you in how to achieve the best from their scales. Then we will continue to be available to maintain your equipment through a regular contract offered as part of our service maintenance agreement. This agreement entails checking the scale calibration and carrying out any repairs that may be required to keep the scale equipment in good working condition at all times.

Companies that obtain a Maintenance Agreement with Sensortronic Scales become preferential clients and receive the benefits of a special rate.
Sensortronic Scales provide a phone support service; 
24 hours, 7 days a week (after hours contact).
Sensortronic Scales will respond to break downs within 24 hours, upon availability and in Agreement with Clients request outside our normal working hours which are 8.00am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.
Each scale serviced will be issued with an individual calibration-testing report, which will detail any damage, malfunctions, calibration variances and recommended action (if any).
Service Maintenance Contract
Sensortronic Scales offers a Service Maintenance Contract with numerous benefits.

Maintenance: Our dedicated technicians will maintain your equipment including: cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, testing and adjusting as required, and the completion of documentation about the scale/equipment.

Calibration: All weighing systems serviced will be issued with a calibration-testing report, which will detail any damage, malfunctions, calibration variances and recommended action.

Discounts: As a contract customer, you will receive discounts on all our already competitively priced equipment. Finance options are also available.
Trade Certification
The Sensortronic Scales Calibration division carries out annual Trade Certification of weighing equipment. Utilizing our Sensortronic Scales Truck with AP Accredited Weights, we can offer an accurate, onsite test verification to all type of Trade Approved scales.

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