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Latest Article - Published in Portal August 2013

Weighbridge Upgrade Works Wonders

Last month, Sensortronic Group, along with Port Taranaki engineers, spent three weeks upgrading the long side of the Avery weighbridge at the port.

Sensortronic NZ Weighbridge Upgrade April 2013The bridge was raised and steel frame work was sent away for blasting and painting. The pit was cleaned out and then the plinths were poured for the load cells. The bridge was then reassembled and lowered back into the pit on top of the new load cells, followed by levelling, cabling, wiring and calibration.
Port Taranaki has invested significant money and time into this upgrade which will continue to provide an accurate and reliable weighing system for our customers for many years to come.

Port Taranaki has successfully installed a sophisticated computerised software system for users of its weighbridge facilities that does away with manual entries, weigh books and sun faded dockets. Now all weighbridge users – from logging firms to transport companies carting palm kernel extract, molasses, bitumen, urea, cement, containers and even liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – have switched to the new touch screen system.
“The new system is much more user friendly, with touch screens providing prompts for the drivers to enter the required information. All the transactions are linked back to our servers. Stored truck and trailer tares also means that drivers will no longer need to manually calculate their weighs,” says port customer services and logistics co-ordinator, Paul Campbell.
“Each company can customise the amount of information they deem necessary to be supplied – from basic details to something more in-depth if they have different types of loads. We can now supply a lot more information back to the customer about their weighs and provide regular reporting as well – making our invoicing a lot easier, which is a huge plus.” Paul says some weighbridge users started trialling the new system from early 2013 and they have helped to iron a few “bugs” out.

Sensortronic Group, one of the largest New Zealand-owned weighing companies in the country, provided the sophisticated new weighbridge software that is linked into the port’s main computer system and backed-up off-site for added security. They have also supplied Port Taranaki’s new CAS EZYLODEC 24 meter weighbridge that is due to be installed in the coming weeks. This will be able to split weigh truck and trailer loads and runs the same software that has been installed on the two other weighbridges.

Everybody has different requirements and this system can cater for them all; users can specify levels of functionality and also lock down some options if needed.

“This new system is a lot more efficient and much easier for port staff and customers alike, providing them with a lot more information than the old hand written dockets did,” Paul concludes.

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