Sensortronic WeighPAD Check-Weigh System

"The Sensortronic WeighPAD Check-Weigh System ensures all bins are filled to capacity and eliminates any double handling.
Increase load efficiency and save on fuel and vehicle costs."

The WeighPAD solution was originally designed to suit the unique needs of the Hamilton R.T.S. site. The purpose of the design was simply to weigh the bins as they were being compacted, thus ensuring that all trucks being loaded carry their full capacity and the bins are not under or over loaded before being transported to landfill.

Sensortronic Scales designed, built and installed the WeighPAD system which includes four pads set into concrete at the face of the compactor.

Loader/drivers position an empty bin on the WeighPAD’s, which while being filled, issues a read-out to indicate the bin is filled to capacity. Weighing the bins while they are being compacted eliminates double handling and ensures the whole process is economical, from compacting the bins to carting them to various locations.

All readings taken over the WeighPADs for compacted bins are confirmed at the destination weighbridge and are on average, within 1 - 2% of the bins loaded capacity.

A feature of the unique solution is that the system can be installed in-ground or above-ground. The low profile design is achieved by using an all stainless steel pan cake load cell with an IP68 rating offering excellent protection in any harsh environment.

Weight readings can be recorded, as WeigPAD’s can be linked to a personal computer which uses Weighbridge software capable of printing tickets and providing reporting features.

*WeighPAD’s are not certified for trade use.

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