IP69K Digital Weight Indicators for Harsh & Wet Environments

Due to harsh environments it is all too often that service technicians are called out to repair or replace damaged digital indicators, which in turn becomes an expensive ongoing maintenance cost.

Avoid continual replacement of corroded and moister damaged weight indicators by easily installing an IP69K indicator.

Sensortronic Scales installed washdown scales at a seafood' processing plant in Christchurch earlier this year to eliminate ongoing maintenance costs caused by water damage to scales.
 Rinstrum's IP69K X320 indicators were used because of its total resistance to water ingress, even when hosed with water at 1450 PSI and/or up to 80°C water temperature.


The housing of the Rinstrum X320 harsh environment indicator uses a food grade, impact resistant composite alloy housing incorporating a double 'o' ring seal to provide superior sealing performance over traditional stainless steel enclosures. The X320 is rated to IP69K and can withstand cleaning with high pressure water jets (1400psi) at high temperatures.

A capacitive keyboard is used on this harsh environment indicator to allow the entire front panel to be constructed as a single piece to eliminate seams and joins that could break down or leak. The capacitance effect of the keypad senses an operator's touch, whether gloved or not, from the inside of the enclosure without even requiring any actual pressure on the key.

Sensortronic Scales has the product range and trained staff to ensure that ideal solutions are provided for each weighing application.

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