CAS RW-P Series – Portable Vehicle Weigh Pads

The CAS RW-P Series – Portable Vehicle Axle Weigh Pad from Sensortronic Scales is a heavy duty weighing scale. This portable static axle weighing system consists of portable vehicle weigh pads that are lightweight. It is also designed to be low profile with a height of only 39 mm. The lightweight vehicle weigh pads have high accuracy and advanced digital filters that minimise vibration for added precision.

The CAS RW-P Portable Axle Weigher Pads have the capacities of 1t x 500g; 2t x 1kg; 5t x 2kg; 10t x 5kg; 15t x 10kg. These vehicle weigh pads include the RW-2601P processing unit that has a large LCD screen with backlight for easy reading.

This Axle Weigher scale is a completely self-contained portable unit, sourcing its power from rechargeable batteries. It can also connect to a computer or a separate display.

The CAS RW-P Portable Vehicle Axle Weigh Pad was designed in such a way that it is portable and lightweight but still provides accurate measurements. The weigh pads are made of rugged cast aluminium and its processing unit has a built-in high-speed dot matrix printer for producing receipts.

18/08/2009 - GoIndustrial: New Zealand's Manufacturing and Industrial Directory

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