Sensortronic Scales stock a wide range of weighing products and brands for various applications. In order to locate the most ideal weighing scale for your application please read the descriptions below on the main product categories. Once you have selected and clicked on your main product category, you can use the drop down menu on the left to select sub-categories to isolate products with certain features or applications that suit your requirements. If at any stage you are still unsure which product is best for you then simply contact our knowledgeable staff and provide them with your requirements and they'll select the most suitable products and provide product details along with prices.
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Trade Approved Scales (19)

Digital Weighing Scales (11)

Retail & Price Computing Scales (11)

Digital Counting Scales (11)

Industrial Floor & Large Platform Scales (11)

Medical & Healthcare Scales (10)

Hanging-type & Crane Scales (8)

Laboratory Balances (13)

Indicators & Sophisticated Weighing Terminals (12)

Weighbridges, Axle & Onboard Weighing (9)

Load Cells (23)

Scale Accessories & Auxiliary Devices (9)

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