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CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator

CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator series are compact weighing Indicators with stainless steel housing (IP67). CI-200S series comes in 3 models, LED version (CI-201S), LCD version (CI-200S) and LCD with check-weigh lights (CI-200SC) for static checkweighing scales. 6 wire and 4 wire load cell support and PC command mode. Applicable for various weighing applications, with the added flexibility of manually setting functions via numeric keys. The CI-200S series has an internal rechargeable battery and is highly portable and ideal for wet & harsh environments.


  • IP67 & Stainless Steel construction
  • Simple and prompt full digital calibration
  • High A/D conversion speed (80 times/sec)
  • High resolution 1/10,000
  • Multiple calibration
  • Weight back-up function
  • Weight Comparison: HI, Low, OK (only LCD and SC models)
  • Numeric keys & function keys
  • Power supplies (DC adaptor, built-in rechargeable battery)
  • 4 & 6 wire load cell support
  • 2 serial ports (Standard: 1 port, Option: 1 additional port for PC, Printer, Remote display communication, etc)
  • Up to 19 Product ID input
  • Interface (Standard: RS-232C, Option: RS-422, RS-485)
  • PC command mode
  • Multiple weights setup functions
  • System functions: count, percent, summation (only for LCD)
  • 3 colour Check-weigh lights (CI-200SC)
  • Trade Approved


  • RS-422/435 serial interface
  • Remote display


 Model CI-200 Series
 Input Sensitivity 2µV/D
 Load cell excitation voltage 0.5 uV / D
 Zero calibration 0 ~ 2mV/V
 A/D Internal resolution 1 / 520,000
 A/D External resolution 1 / 10,000
 A/D Conversion rate 80 times/sec
 Span calibration Full digital calibration
(single pass automatic span calibration)
 Display CI-200A : LED(6 digit, H=25mm)
CI-201A : LCD(6 digit + sign, H=24mm)
 Operating temp. -10°C ~ 40°C
 Power Source DC 12V Adaptor & Built-in rechargeable battery
 Dimensions (mm) 169.5mm(H) x 250mm(L) x 83mm(D)
 Product weight (kg) 1.5

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