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Iconix FX41 Digital Indicator

The Iconix FX41 Digital Indicator is an advanced livestock weighing system and provides an all too rare blend of sophistication and genuine ease of use. The Iconix FX41 Digital Indicator gives you all the flexibility and the features you need now, yet is ready for Electronic ID when you are.
Automatic or manual drafting by weight, weight gain or Electronic ID. The Iconix FX41 Digital Indicator has the ability to draft by EID which provides the versatility to draft by any criteria of your choosing - the possibilities with the Iconix FX41 Digital Indicator are limitless.


  • Dual displays for displaying extra relevant information.
  • Power: AC Mains & Convenient Internal Rechargeable Battery which also powers any EID reader attached to the system.
  • 6000 records in up to 99 groups of individual tags, weight, date of weighing and condition score (optional)
  • Weight gain calculation automatically displayed (when tag numbers used) either as total weight gain or gain/day.
  • Seamless use with Electronic ID (EID) readers (up to a full 16 digits of the EID can be recorded).
  • 2 digit condition code entry.
  • ID prefixing for reducing repetitive keypad entry.
  • Multiple animal weighing mode.
  • Upload / Download Records & Statistics onto a PC or FX41 Indicator using the FX41 Linker Package (optional)
  • Print Records & Statistics using FX Printer (optional)
  • Drafting Function Sort Stock into Two or Three different categories (High / Low) or (High / Medium / Low)
  • "What if" Drafting Statistics: Changeable draft limits allowing re-examination of the drafting statistics to determine how many animals would have been drafted into each weight range with different settings.
  • Stats Mode: During or after your weighing session you can bring up: Number weighed, average weight and total weight for all records and also for each drafting weight range.
  • Hold / Free Weigh Function
  • Auto zero at switch-on
  • Intelligent zero-tracking.
  • Mounting bracket is included
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto 'low voltage' shut down



  • Livestock
  • Produce



  • FX41 Linker Package
  • FX Printer


 Model FX41
 Auto ranging resolution. With standard 2000kg Load Bar Set:
0 - 20kg 0.1kg steps
20 - 50kg 0.2kg steps
50 - 200kg 0.5kg steps
200 - 500kg 1kg steps
500 - 2000kg 2kg steps
 Accuracy +/- 0.5% of displayed weight +/- 1 division
 Display LCD
 Operating temp. -5°C ~ 50°C
 Supply Voltage 11.5V to 19V DC
 Dimensions (mm) 280 x 186 x 90 (excluding carry handle)
 Product weight (kg) 2.9 (including carry handle)

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