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CAS CCK-5500-20K In-Motion Checkweigher

CAS CCK-5500-20K In-Motion Checkweigher is designed to provide the most efficient and reliable production performance in various fields such as food, pharmaceutical and logistics. Accurate check weighing for large package applications.


  • Weighing Range: 200~20,000g
  • Maximum throughput: 60ea/min
  • Belt speed: 10~54m/min
  • IP65 Rated
  • Conveyor height can be matched with the existing conveyor (plus: adjustable within 50mm)
  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Able to design customised conveyors
  • Possible to design the direction of product flow based on the customer's existing conveyors line (right to left or left to light)
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 ways of displaying collected statistical data
  • Printer (Option)
  • Available in Stainless Steel or standard CAS colour


 Model CCK-5500-20K
 Weighing Range 200~20,000g
 Precision*1 ±10g
 Max Throughput*2 60 ea/min
 Resolution 5g
 Conveyor Belt Width 380mm
 Conveyor Belt Length ~900mm
 Size of product to be weighed: Width 30 ~ 380mm
 Size of product to be weighed: Length 30 ~ 900mm
 Belt Speed 10~54m/min
 Net Weight 90kg 
 Coating Colour   Steel or a CAS standard colour
*1. Precision of the machine can be varied by type of product to be weighed, environment of the space where the checkweigher is installed, and others.
*2. Max Throughput can be varied by the length of objects to be weighed.

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