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Fuji EC-141 Robot Palletiser

Robot Palletiser

Sensortronic Scales along with Fuji Robotics EC-141 Robot Palletiser offers production rates up to 23 cycles per minute utilising only 4kVA. The EC-141 Robot Palletiser is a high-speed robot that has the most compact footprint in its class and is at the forefront of economically senitive projects while meeting the widest requirements of palleting applications. This cost effective robot provides the same benefits as the EC-201 but brings "added value" to solutions in projects not requiring higher up capacity rates.
This new generation robot provides an ultra-quiet operation, improved efficiencies, and maximum flexibility that accompany "high speed" palletising technology.

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General Features

  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Unique linear guides designed specifically for palletising
  • Polycarbonate cover to reduce weight
  • EC Series (Energy Conservation) designed to save energy, resources, and money
  • Simple, Compact and durable design
  • Multiple end effector applications for bags, boxes, case, pails, drums, bottles, and shrink wrapped packages


  • Cold environment upgrade
  • Harsh environment upgrade (stainless steel components)
  • Memory program expansion
  • Auto reject function
  • Simultaneous multi-size product handling (5th axis)
  • Slipsheet placement
  • Pallet placement

Cutting-Edge Control

Every Fuji Ace Robot comes with a touch screen control complete with:
  • Pre-programmed pallet patterns embedded in the touch screen to meet your exact specifications
  • 60 programmable memory recipes. Once utilized, recipes can be switched within seconds
  • Onboard automatic lubrication schedule
  • Onboard diagnostics designed to identify errors instantaneously
  • Onboard error log history
  • Inventory monitoring that corresponds with specific recipes
  • High level programming software offering complete onboard control & recipe editing without the of a laptop computer
  • Real time I/O monitoring
  • Comes with a user friendly teaching pendant

Mechanical Advantage

  • Unique linear track design contributes to decreased power consumption by 50% or more while achieving up to 1400 cycles per hour
  • The articulated arm movement is driven by the combination of a servo motor, timing belt, recirculating linear guide bearings & two hardened steel ball screws
  • Uses a 5 to 1 movement ratio on the Z axis (arm movement up or down)
  • Uses a 6 to 1 movement ratio on the R axis (arm movement in or out)
  • The robot pivots (Theta axis) up to 330° on a high density cross roller thrust bearing designed for years of trouble free operation in harsh environments
  • The arm end is designed to pivot up to 330°

Technical Data

 Model  EC-141
 Mechanism Articulated Robot
 Action Mode Cylindrical
 Weight Capacity (Including Hand) 120kg
 Palletising Capacity (Cycles/Hour) 1400 Cycles/Hour
 Degree of Freedom 4 Axes
 Operation Space:
 Z Axis (Vertical)
 R Axis (Longitudinal)
 Ø Axis (Turn)
 a Axis (Wrist)

 Hand Gripper Clamp, Fork, Vacuum, Custom Design
 Memory  120 Recipes
 Teaching Method  Teaching Playback
Teaching Support
Teachingless (option)
 Power (200/220V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz) 4kVA
 Main Body Weight (without Hand) 700kg

NOTE: Capacities stated are the maximum that may be achieved by the robot under ideal conditions. Capacity rates can be significantly affected by layouts, products types, and can only be confirmed after a detailed analysis of an application.

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