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Prisma 08D3 In-Motion Checkweigher & Metal Detector

Prisma 08D3 Combined Checkweigher & Metal Detector unit is a compact machine made up of a weight checking system (checkweigher) and a metal detector, which carries out just one integrated check. Integrated systems are capable of checking, managing and classifying products according to a common operating logic and with very reduced overall sizes. Suitable for all sectors where production takes place in low-humidity environments. The Combined Metal Detector & Checkweigher component comprises of the latest variable frequency metal detection scanning heads to ensure rapid metal detection results are achieved with very high accuracy.


  • Digital electronics with alphanumeric graphic display panel
  • Electronic self-calibration device
  • Production data management in conformity with the standards in force
  • Speed adjustable from keypad
  • Mobile average function
  • 100 store-able product programs
  • RS 232 Serial port
  • Conveyors easily removable
  • Metal detector 09/11 - MDN - MFN


  • Ejection systems
  • Reject management systems
  • In-feed and out-feed conveyors
  • Wind-prevention tunnel
  • Feed-back function
  • 24-columns panel printer
  • Open flap control device
  • Data collection via network
  • Conformity with standards ISO-FDA-HACCP
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Technical Specifications

 Model  08D3 Integrated
 Capacity 2.600g
 Linear speed up to 100 m/1'
 Output up to 300 PPM
 Display division 0.5g
 Accuracy ±0.3g
 Pneumatic supply 0.6 Mpa
 Air consumption (foe ejection) 1 NI
 Power supply  230V 50/60Hz single-phase
 Power consumption  700 W
 Version Stainless steel IP55-IP65

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