Things to consider before looking for a scale

Not sure where to start? Then read over these 8 questions to get a better idea on what you should be looking for in a product.

What is the capacity and accuracy that I will need?

What are the lightest and heaviest items you will be weighing? How accurate do you need the weighed item to be - for price determination, as an ingredient or component, as a comparison, or for transportation.
Depending on the accuracy you require you may need to purchase separate scales to weigh your lighter and heavier items.

Will I be weighing and packing goods that are getting sold to a customer?

If the answer is "yes", then a Trade Approved Scale is required.
It is a requirement of the Fair Trading Act that where goods are offered for sale to a customer, with the sale price depending on the weight of the item sold, a "Trade Approved" scale must be used to determine the value of the sale. Trade Approval is given by the Ministry of Consumers Affairs, and every "Trade Approved" scale has a TMU approval number.

When weighing and packing, do I need a label to be placed on the item being sold? What do I want printed on the label, and does the label size matter?

There is a whole range of label printing scales, some of which are Trade Approved.
Labels can be formatted to include all relevant information, and designed to suit each particular situation.

Will my scale be involved with direct counter sales with the public?

If you are weighing goods in front of a customer at the time of purchase, then you are required to have a rear display on your scale, so that both you and the customer can see the weight of that item.
For retail outlets, Trade Approved Price Computing Scales allow you to weigh the item, input a price, and the scale will calculate the individual sale amount.
Scales can also be linked to a computer and/or a cash draw to provide a complete transaction record (including a Tax Invoice for the customer).

In what environment will the scale be working?

Not all scales are placed on a clean counter or bench and are kept away from moisture, dust, heat or harsh conditions. IP - Ingress Protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection - electrical enclosure - of electrical equipment. learn more
When enquiring about the right scale for your situation, choose one which is designed for the purpose. List all the factors which may impact on the scale and discuss these with the sales assistant to ensure you receive the scale best suited for the job.

What power supply is needed to operate the scale?

Not all scales are placed in one location and remain there. If the scale is being moved from place to place, will it require battery power as well as mains power, or will it be operated from a vehicle. What sort of battery power is best suited to its usage?

Does the scale need to be portable?

Some scales need to be transported on a regular basis. Does the scale come with, or require a carry case, and is it easy to set-up once it has reached its destination? Always ask the sales assistant to demonstrate the scale features.
In some commercial or industrial situations, larger scale equipment is moved with a fork lift or is mounted on a mobile platform or on the rear of a vehicle. We do cater for these specialised installations, and will provide all relevant moving and operating instructions.

Do I need auxcillary equipment?

In some situations your scale will be linked to other equipment you use in transacting your business.
  1. For retail purposes, perhaps a computer, cash register and/or printer
  2. For commercial or industrial purposes, perhaps a remote display board, a driver control station, external devices (relays, triggers) or a computer management system.

Always alert our sales professionals to the specific requirements or environmental conditions of your weighing requirements. Browse our products and do Contact us if you have any questions; we welcome the opportunity to assist and advise you with respect to all your purchases, large or small.

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