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CAS CPS Pallet Jack Scale

CAS CPS Pallet Jack Scale comes as a complete unit. Save time carrying and weighing the pallets all in one operation. CAS CPS Pallet Trolley Scale is a heavy-duty pallet truck scale that has a built-in printer.

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  • Pallet jack with electronic scale
  • Save time carrying and weighing the pallets all in one operation
  • Pallet jack uses oil pressure for enhanced stability
  • Heavy duty pallet scale for any size weighing job
  • Pounds and kilograms convertible
  • Easy operation
  • Versatile in any size room
  • Easy to read, 5-digit LCD display
  • Displays on/off, zero, tare, kg/lb
  • Includes rechargeable battery and battery charger, plus serial dot ticket printer
  • Includes CAS CI-2001B digital scale weighing indicator


 Model CPS Pallet Jack Scale
 Capacity 2000 x 1lb/ 1000 x 0.5kg 5000 x 2lb/ 2000 x 1kg
 Size: Type A B C A B C
 Size: Width (cm) 54.1 62 70.6 54.1 62 70.6
 Size: Length (cm) 107.9 107.9 119.9 107.9 107.9 119.9
 Display 5 Digits LCD(Height = 1inch)
 Power Source Rechargeable Battery, AC 11 0/ 220V
 Measurement Type CI-2001B, Load Cell
 Accessory Rechargeable Battery, AC adapter

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