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Sensortronic SS 502 Customised Weighbridge

Sensortronic's SS 502 with it's tried and tested Weighbridge design is manufactured in our engineering facilities in Hamilton. Truely versitile with multiple sizes and capacities (up to 100t), designed for above ground or in-ground weighbridge foundations. Easy and safe access to load cells for future weighbridge maintenance, complying with NZ health and safety standards. Available with Steel Plate Deck or Concrete Deck. WMS Weighbridge Management Software.

Customised to suit your needs! Complete Turn-Key Solution available, Sensortronic Scales will oversee all manufactured products from weighbridge assembly to installation, as well as coordinating subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Stainless steel waterproof (IP68) WBK load cells
  • Weighbridge Indicator
  • Pit-Type
  • In-ground Type


  • Ramps
  • Manned or Unmanned options (Dallas Tags)
  • Large figure auxiliary display
  • Docket printer
  • PC Interface
  • Weighbridge Management Software


No. Max. Capacity (ton) Readability
L/C Q'y
1-2 40 10 3 x 6 6,250 4
3-4 60 10 3 x 12 12,200 6
5-6 80 20 3 x 18 18,150 8


If you are looking for an Australian Weighbridge supplier we recommend Australasia Scales

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CAS Ezy Lodec Modular Weighbridge

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CAS RW-P Axle & Wheel Weighing Pad

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CAS RW-2601P Weigh Pad Indicator

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CAS CD-3000 Remote Auxiliary Display

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